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My name is Justin Nassivera and I am currently in my Junior year at SUNY Cortland studying Physical Education. I'm a huge sports fan and love my Boston Celtics and Red Sox. Basketball, Baseball, and Golf are huge passions of mine and would love to coach them someday in the school setting. I have always loved teaching and coaching kids and have always wanted to become a PE teacher because it was always my favorite class in school. Many people have strong opinions against physical education and I believe that myself and other physical educators need to spread the word of what exactly we are doing in the PE world. Also check out my professional portfolio at www.jnassiveraportfolio.weebly.com

Monday, January 23, 2012


Today in my 255 class, I had the one of the most intense four minutes I've had in any PE class. We were divided into groups of four and played 2v2 keep away with the frisbee. Twenty seconds of all out instant activity, followed by ten seconds of break. It was very fun and tiring. I thought communication was key to success when participating in the activity. We also participated as a group to try and score on our opponents goal by passing the disk four times before scoring. After all this we discussed on how we would be graded for the semester. I am looking forward to the teaching assignments because I want to become a better teacher and live up to the expectation of being a Rockstar PE Teacher.

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