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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lab A-1 and A-2 Comparison

On Friday, I taught for the second time of the semester. I wasn't as nervous as I was on day one when we had to teach. Below I have my videos from both the first day, and from Friday. I also have added my comments to each and what I think I need to improve on, and what I think I did well.


In Lab A-1, I thought that I had a couple positives. I started by stating four cues for dribbling and demonstrating every one of the cues adequately so the students understood exactly what I meant when I explained it. When they were participating in dribbling I held my fingers up to get them to tell me how many I was holding up so they could focus on keeping their eyes up while they are dribbling. Some of the things that I could have improved on was my volume because it was tough to hear on the video. Time management was tough too because I ran out of time in the end and couldn't close the lesson or check for understanding. I also did not use a hook to capture them at the beginning of the lesson and when i gave feedback it was very simple such as "good job" and I didn't use their names either.


In Lab A-2, I felt much more comfortable because I had more time to plan out what I was going to say and how I was going to do it. My appearance was definitely better because I was dressed professionally. I used the Harlem Globetrotters as my hook to try and interest them in doing some fancy dribbling skills. I think that revisiting the cues from the first time was definitely a good way to check to see if they learned anything from the last class I taught. The volume of my voice I think was definitely better because it was easier for me to hear myself over both the other lesson going on and music in the background. What I think i need to improve on is giving feedback. Most of my feedback was just "good job" just like the first time. I believe that if I can improve on my feedback then I can be more relevant as a teacher to my students who will be looking to me for guidance when they need help or if they don't know if they are doing the activity right or wrong. 

I have included a typed transcript of what I said word for word in the LAB A-2 video here.

I think that I definitely can improve on my first two teaching assignments. I think that as I improve, I can make myself much better at giving feedback and  learn how to help students improve on all aspects of the activities that I will be teaching.  

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