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My name is Justin Nassivera and I am currently in my Junior year at SUNY Cortland studying Physical Education. I'm a huge sports fan and love my Boston Celtics and Red Sox. Basketball, Baseball, and Golf are huge passions of mine and would love to coach them someday in the school setting. I have always loved teaching and coaching kids and have always wanted to become a PE teacher because it was always my favorite class in school. Many people have strong opinions against physical education and I believe that myself and other physical educators need to spread the word of what exactly we are doing in the PE world. Also check out my professional portfolio at www.jnassiveraportfolio.weebly.com

Monday, February 20, 2012

2/20/12 Class

To start off today's class, Professor Yang started us off with a really fun instant activity that had us moving and solving puzzles with partners. Instant Activities are important because it gets the students active immediately so they become involved with what is going on with the class. 
We then got to watch our TA Cassie teach us a sample Lab C. She taught us how to pass the rugby ball. It was helpful to see how it was conducted so that way when I prepare to teach my lab C, I get a feeling of how I'm supposed to do it. This lab we need to integrate some form of technology into the lesson. This can be challenging because sometimes the technology can fail and mess up your entire lesson, but you have to be able to rebound and continue on with class. 

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