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Monday, February 27, 2012

Omni-Kin Ball

Today in 255, Devon, Kim, and Dan all taught their lab C's. They did Omnikin ball.I have heard of it but never played it til today and I thought it was awesome. The point of the game is to not let the ball touch the ground and you have to yell out which color you're hitting to and they can't let it hit the ground or else the other team scores. It is a very fun and face-paced game.

Kim opened things up and I thought she did a great job with her cues and her cues poster was amazing. I like Devon's instant activity and how we progressed from a large court into a smaller one as we went along. But, i thought Dan was great today. The energy he brought to the class today was contagious and everybody fed off his energy. 

Later today I will have my Lab C video, pictures, and documents posted for you to see. 
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