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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hantis and Speed Stacking

Dave giving feedback to the class.
I really enjoyed today's lab D lessons. Dave led off with cup stacking. His instant activity was great because he incorporated, yoga, teamwork, and cup stacking. Then even though his computer froze up and stopped working, he was able to continue on with his demonstrations. We got to time ourselves doing a 6 cup stack. My best time was 2.78. It's a very tricky technique to make sure you grab the right amount of cups. He also had to deal with Devon who was a deaf student. He had Devon practice t the front table so it was easier for him to witness and process Dave's demonstrations.
Next was Kyle and he taught Hantis. Hantis is essentially table tennis, except you use the palm of your hands to strike the ball across the table. The main controversy during Kyle's lesson was Mike "broke" his arm. Kyle did an excellent job handling it. He sent Eric to go call 911. He sent me out into the hallway to guide the paramedics to the right location and he told the students to stop what they were doing. Like I said before, he did very good at handling a potentially scary situation.

Kyle observing his Hantis lesson.

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